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  • Merle Norman - Come, be our Guest

    Merle Norman - Come, Be our Guest

    Merle Norman Cosmetics is a franchise that is over 85 years old specializing in skin care and cosmetics.  The franchise was founded by a woman named Merle Norman.  She set the foundation for women to become entrepreneurs and chart their own future.
    Merle Norman Cosmetic Studios are independently owned and operated.  The Pittston location is owned by Jane Chropowicki and Jane has 20 years in retail skin care, cosmetics and make up artistry.
    Merle Norman’s Pittston location has been in downtown Pittston since 2014. The location is:  77 South Main St. Pittston.
    Even though there are many salons and spas in the area, Merle Norman is one of the only cosmetic studio in the area.
    The studio offers skin care that includes moisturizers, eye moisturizers, treatments for anti-aging and products that simulate a microdermabrasion and glycolic peel. 
    Colors include foundations, blushes, eyeshadow, eyeliners, and lip products.
    We also do services such as make up applications, facials, treatments, manicures, pedicures, and waxing.
    Besides being one of the only specialty cosmetics studios in the area our customer service and personal touch gives us the special edge.  Knowing each customer by name, knowing the products they use, and the new products that suits their needs makes the customers life easier. The customer is guaranteed to have Jane, one of her certified beauty advisors or one of her licensed cosmetologists.
    All customers are treated with same service and respect.  You are greeted at Merle Norman Cosmetics as if you are a guest in their home.  

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