• The Questions No One Asks

    Volume 18 | April, 2018
    The Question No One Asks
    Sales professionals go through all kinds of maneuvers to obtain sales. "Always be selling"..."Steps to the close"..."Don't take no for an answer"...but there is one thing few sales people ever ask.
    Before I tell you what it is, let me ask you something. What is the one thing, the simple, and ONLY one thing both you and your prospect know? I'll tell you.
    You both know they're not your customer. You can suppose all kinds of things about your prospect. They can imagine all kinds of things about you. But the absolute, the one true thing you BOTH know is: They're not doing business with you.
    So, clever sales people devise incredible presentations. They construct PowerPoints. They rehearse a series of questions to step the prospect through the sales process. They have their negotiating points in mind, their price schedules ready to hand out....and yet they often fail to get the sale. It's because they have failed to ask one simple question. One question that will open the dialogue and perhaps change the entire course of the conversation. Are you ready?
    They don't ask "Why?".
    "Why did you come to visit our store today?" "Why are you here?" "I know you are already buying widgets from someone else, but let me ask you: 'Why aren't you buying them from me?' or "Why are you buying from XYZ Company?".
    The answer to that question may surprise you. Be ready to invest some time listening to your prospect. In some cases, you will find out no one in the place, absolutely no one, knows why they're buying from XYZ Company. They do it because somebody made the decision and that somebody is long gone but it's comfortable simply to pick up the phone and place an order. Or they may tell you something like: "Well, we've been with them for a long time but they're not keeping up with new trends." Or "We've been finding more and more returns" or "They have started making a lot of mistakes with our orders". Bingo.
    Frankly, I could write a book on this topic, and maybe I will! For you, the sales professional, the important thing is you must, you absolutely must, ask "Why?" The answers you receive will allow you to move forward in the sales process. Don't jump too fast. In next month's Small Business Sales I'll tell you what to do with the information you receive. One clue: You don't do it during that session of asking "Why?".
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    This is good stuff.....
    I met Steve Schiffman a few years ago and we instantly clicked. Steve has become my personal coach, but I've also been able to work with him on helping some clients. Who is Steve Schiffman? He's written over 70 books on sales and has successfully trained over 500,000 sales professionals. Here's his website: www.steveschiffman.com And every once in a while, because he lives nearby, I get to sit down and have a cup of coffee with Steve. I get him all to myself. It's awesome.
    After my last Small Business Sales send out, Steve sent me a TON of whitepapers on sales. He told me to use them as I want to, just please give him credit for them. So, my gift to you, since you have read this far, will be to share one of his whitepapers each month with you. All you have to do is click on the link, and a download of the PDF will start for you. Enjoy it, and LEARN from it!
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