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  • Three Types of Sales People - One Big Problem for You

    Sales - #4
    I need to ask you something.....
    Why don't you do something to start moving sales to a higher level in your business? When I ask this question, I get a lot of different answers. What we find, though, is your sales staff falls into one of three categories:
    •  New sales people. They can generate some sales, but they don't have a clue how they got them, nor do they know how to repeat their success.
    • Milddle-term sales people. They've been with you for a while. They've been doing pretty well, but they're stuck. They don't know how to go further.
    • Long timers. They no longer look for new business. They rely on their book of customers, and basically have become order-takers. They could do better, but you have not found a way to motivate them.
    You can do something about all three types.
    Sales coaching is a process to help your sales people learn new skills, find more effective ways to work with customers and prospects, and find ways to unlock their potential.
    Steve Schiffman and I have assisted others (Steve has trained over 500,000 sales professionals in his career) using both in-person and online video coaching. The results are amazing as people are shown how to remove roadblocks, anticipate objections and prepare properly for dealing with prospects and existing customers.
    Our process is easy. Contact me and we will discuss your particular situation. After our discussion, I will prepare an outline giving you an overview of what Steve and I can do for your team. I will get your input on the outline. You may want changes, which is fine. This is a program specifically for YOUR business, your people.
    After we determine your needs and how we can help you, we can decide whether it will be in person or a series of video conferences. We will outline the fees and with your approval get started.
    Too many companies stay in the same rut, doing the same things and hoping somehow improvement will come. Don't you think it's time to try something different?
    There is no charge for my initial consultation. All you have to do is email requesting a phone call, and I'll call when you say it's convenient. Or just phone my office.
    EMAIL: karls@kmsmarketingsolutions.com
    Phone: (570) 595-9011
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    Karl Stearns is an award-winning advocate of small business. A professional speaker, sales trainer, and marketing specialist, he presents programs nationwide for a large array of industries. He also is available for private consultation in sales training, business management or marketing.
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